Billmation Features

Automate your next invoice

Billmation enables you to automate sending invoices to your clients and accept payments online. We believe invoicing can be done better with automation. Billmation is not an accounting system. It's a really fantastic way to invoice and receive payments from your customers. Unlike other systems that try to bundle it all together, we believe in providing the best tool for the job. Invoice automation is what we do. Find out how you can automate your next invoice with Billmation.

Features Overview

Email or Print Invoices

Email or Print invoices to be sent to your clients. Email invoices are sent to your customers with a link to pay online. Likewise, you can also print invoices to mail to your customers. Billmation keeps track of when you printed or e-mailed an invoice.

Accept Payments via PayPal

Get paid faster by accepting payments online. PayPal is one of the most secure and easy to use payment gateways and your customers are likely already used to using PayPal. Invoices include a Pay Now button that will put money directly into your account.

Payment Reminders

Set up automatic reminders that will e-mail customers that a payment date is upcoming. Set an interval and remind customers of upcoming and overdue payments. You may customize your upcoming and overdue payment reminders. A log is kept of all automated reminders that are sent.

Recurring Charges

Set up recurring charges to automate your business. The next time an invoice is generated, all charges will be placed on the invoice. Combine this with Scheduled Invoices to fully automate your invoicing.

Scheduled Invoices

Schedule automatic invoice creation on a monthly basis. All un-invoiced charges will be placed on the scheduled invoice. Combine Scheduled Invoices with Recurring Charges to fully automate your invoicing.

Accountant's report

Generate an Accountant's report to quickly input your income into your accounting system, such as QuickBooks. Additional reports including aging invoices, accounts receivable and overdue customers.

Mobile Site

Use Billmation Mobile from your smartphone (iPhone and Android supported) to quickly check on customer accounts, add charges and access billing information while on the go.